Hello Friends,

I am seeking the leadership of the BC Liberal Party because I want to make sure all British Columbians, present and future, have the opportunities necessary to thrive and prosper. I believe we need a fresh, new generation of leadership to achieve this. We need leadership that recognizes we are stronger together when we listen to each other; leadership that is open to embracing new technologies and new ideas; leadership that is willing to make key investments that will ensure our economy is strong and allow us to make life better for families across BC.

I am the candidate that can best provide a new generation of leadership for the BC Liberal Party. I understand the situation many British Columbians are facing today. I have a young family with three kids in public school. The impact of affordability, the need for more and better childcare and the need to invest in growing areas of our economy is a top priority. I understand both rural and urban BC. Representing Kamloops, but having lived in Victoria and Vancouver, I can address the challenges while capitalizing on the opportunities that come from BC’s urban and rural economies working together. I am also a relatively fresh face in the BC Legislature. Previously, I was a business owner. I know the challenges facing small business. I had to meet a payroll; I know what it’s like to have families counting on me and I understand how government policy can impact small business and the strong economy businesses need to succeed.

The BC Liberal Government has done an incredible job making sure our province is number one. Five balanced budgets, 200-thousand new jobs, and economic growth leading the country. But we failed to listen to the voices of many British Columbians who didn’t feel they were seeing the benefits of that strong economy. People who felt we didn’t care about issues important to them like affordability, improving transportation, and increasing childcare and early childhood education. We need to do better and under my leadership we will do better.

While adhering to our core BC Liberal values of building a strong economy, low taxes, attracting investment, and growing jobs, I will work to see that all British Columbians were seeing the benefits of our strong economy. From embracing and growing our tech sector and improving childcare and early childhood education, to taking bold action and investments in transportation, I will make the necessary investments that will keep our economy strong and allow us to make life better for families across BC.

I believe in our future.