Stone Says Building Site C Right Decision for B.C.’s Future

TERRACE – BC Liberal Party leadership candidate, Todd Stone is calling on John Horgan and the NDP to apologize to British Columbia taxpayers and the thousands of B.C. families that depend on the Site C clean energy project. This after Horgan’s politically motivated delays and game playing have added potentially billions of dollars to the project’s budget, not to mention the unnecessary angst caused to workers and their families.

“Site C represents an incredible opportunity for B.C. that will provide 100 years of clean, renewable power for generations,” said Stone. “The NDP’s decision today to proceed with the project is the right one, but comes at a tremendous and totally unnecessary added cost to British Columbia taxpayers.”

Site C has been studied for decades and was deemed by experts to be the best investment to help meet B.C.’s future energy needs, keep B.C. Hydro rates amongst the lowest in North America, and fight climate change by ensuring a reliable supply of clean, renewable power. It is also providing more than two thousand good, family supporting jobs, the vast majority for British Columbia workers.

“When we left government in July, Site C was on time and on budget,” said Stone. “The NDP’s irresponsible, shameful, politically motivated meddling has added potentially billions to the project’s budget with British Columbia taxpayers and our economy left to pay the price.”

The NDP’s Site C delays also created uncertainty for hundreds of B.C. small businesses in communities across the province who are providing goods or services to Site C, not to mention the many First Nations that have signed benefit and employment agreements in support of the project.

Stone is committed to continuing to work with stakeholders, First Nations, workers, and impacted businesses, and communities to support completion of Site C in a responsible manner that keeps any additional costs to taxpayers at a minimum and ensures the project’s benefits are felt by all British Columbians.

“I am seeking the leadership of the BC Liberal Party because I believe we need a new generation of leadership in our province to help us defeat the NDP and restore good government to Victoria,” added Stone. “Leadership based on a bold vision, and a solid, affordable plan that acts to make life better for families and communities across British Columbia.”

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First elected in 2013 from the riding of Kamloops-South Thompson, Stone is serving his second term as an MLA and is the opposition critic for Municipal Affairs. Married for the past 17 years, he is the father of three children, all still in the K-12 school system. Prior to entering public life, Stone was the founder and CEO of a successful tech company.