“I want to restore some balance to our province” – Todd Stone

Kamloops-South Thompson MLA and former transportation minister Todd Stone is one among six candidates taking part in the British Columbia Liberal Party leadership election of 2018 that takes place on February 3. He is the youngest candidate running for the party leadership and the only one from outside the Lower Mainland.

Stone is the only candidate who has released a “bold vision” to move British Columbia forward. Through this vision, he wants to make sure all British Columbians, present and future, have the opportunities necessary to thrive and prosper.

In an exclusive interview with DARPAN, he talks about his “bold vision” for BC and his plans to boost the province’s economy on wining the leadership race.

Excerpts from the interview:

Why did you decide to run for the leadership race?
I decided to run for the leadership of the BC Liberal Party because I have three young daughters; they are 13, 11 and eight. So I go through the eyes of my three daughters and want them to have the ability to embrace whatever opportunities they set their mind to as they grow up. I want them to be able to pursue whatever careers they want, I want them to get the best education in Canada and I want jobs available for them when they are done with their education. So that requires a government in Victoria that understands that the decisions today are really about the impact on our children in the future. I watched the NDP government make some very bad decisions which I think will really hurt our children’s future. That’s why I decided to jump off of the sidelines and throw myself into this leadership race to really fight for the opportunities that our kids need to embrace in the years ahead.

via Darpan